Design lab

The New Design Image Library!

The new Image Library is a tool for artists to upload and organize their images to be used on Art of Where products. Any images you upload will be saved forever and can be used on any of our 65+ custom products made on-demand!...Read more »

by Kate
May 11, 2021
drop ship

Production Update For July 2020

Here is an update on our production times for the month of July. Overall, we’re seeing a substantial improvement over last month's times and we’re still pushing to get back to pre-shutdown production times by the beginning of August....Read more »

by Kate
Jul 13, 2020

100% Cotton Face Coverings are almost here!

We are so excited with the cloth face coverings we have developed for Art of Where! Not only do they tick all the right boxes for CDC and Canadian government regulations (natural fabric, multiple layers, good fit....), they look amazing and you can customize them right down to the lining!...Read more »

by Kate
May 17, 2020

Reducing Prices and Production Times!

We have recently begun implementing a new production timeline that will see all drop-ship orders ready to ship in half the time they currently do. We’re also dropping the prices of our classic and capri leggings - staples in any wardrobe - and the prices of all our synthetic pillowcases!...Read more »

by Kate
Mar 13, 2020