Perfection in print! Meet our newest print process...Direct-to-film permanent transfers!

by Kateproducts
Aug 01, 2022

If you love being able to custom print shirts and sweatshirts with long lasting vibrant prints, then you're going to love direct-to-film (dt-film) prints!


Our new dt-film printing method is a super efficient style of printing that results in vibrant, crisp, and highly washable prints onto a wide variety of garments. As a quick explanation, dt-film printing entails printing your custom designs onto a film which is then heat pressed onto the garment of choice. Because the design isn’t being printed directly onto the garment, the garment doesn’t need to be pre-treated, and therefore a much wider range of fabrics can be used. This opens up the door to a huge range of potential garments to choose from, from cotton to polyester and spandex!


The two biggest critics we hear with DTG printing is the print can feel sticky and that after 50+ washes, the print can start to fade or peel. Beyond these, DTG prints tends not to acheive some vibrant colors...especially bright red and bright pink. These 3 issues are all eliminated in dt-film printing! Dt-film prints are ultra smooth due to the incredibly thin layer of ink requied to print them. Film prints are highly washable and will essentially never fade or peel even after 100+ washes. The vibrancy of film prints cannot be understated! The color range is huge!


Once again, because dt-film printing is done by printing onto film rather than onto the garment so the digital prints are much more wearable, washable and long lasting. The vibrancy and crispness of DTF prints stays true on average much longer than DTG prints. This is obviously ideal when creating art that’s going to be worn and washed frequently!


We are always committed to creating the best quality products we can for you and your customers, and we are confident that our foray into dt-film prints will be the perfect solution to your print-on-demand needs!

by Kate
May 22, 2024