Wrapping up 2023

by KateDesign lab
Dec 21, 2023

It's time for our annual look back at the past year! We're so excited by the projects we launched this year and also by the projects that we have on the go for 2024. Take a minute to look back and to look forward with us!

Goodbye to the Artist Stores

We had mixed feelings about this project since the Artist stores have been with us from the start. Art of Where was designed to be a drop shipping-centric business. As we have been fine tuning both our production and services over the years, we realized that the Artist stores did not appeal to most art-based entrepreneurs who prefer to sell through their own platforms. Shopify, Etsy, and Squarespace all offer different possibilities and robust features depending on your selling needs. So instead of putting our energy into growing this side of Art of Where, we closed the artist stores and concentrate our brain and tech power at what we do best: products and drop shipping services. This decision will continue to shape our business as we move forward and further hone our skills in drop shipping friendly products and tools.

Vegan Leather Everything!

This year we introduced our new print line for Vegan Leather bags and accessories. In the summer we launched the vegan leather tote bag and followed it up with the vegan leather crossbody purse and vegan leather makeup bag launch in fall. With their reseller-friendly price points, these 3 new products were an instant hit.

The new print method we use for vegan leather is with special UV inks that are vibrant and permanent so the prints look amazing but are also highly durable.
Like any product, pricing is key and we're confident you can find the perfect balance for your product line with any of our vegan leather bags. Want a hot tip! The most popular of the 3 bags currently is the crossbody purse! We're hearing from our artists that they are incredibly well made yet versatile, and they can sell them for double or triple the cost. Try creating your first one if you haven't already!

A new Design Experience

Fun, convenient, and quick! Our new mobile friendly of the Design Lab has completely changed the design experience on Art of Where. Not only is the look updated, we have added some extraordinary new tools to aid your creation process.

  • AI to the rescue- Never again will your image resolution be too low! We have harnessed the power of AI to upscale your low resolution images to a printable format. Look for the red !exclaimation! mark in the image properties box and we'll help you upscale step-by-step until you're happy with the outcome.
  • Patterns all over- In one easy step you can now repeat patterns over the full product template. Find the pattern button in the image properties box and see just how easy it is to make your creation come to life.
  • Text me- Add text easily to any product. The new integrated text tool gives you tonnes of text options to make your custom products personalized to the max.

Designing is the core of an art-based business and also the basis for an amazing personalized gift whether it's for yourself or a loved one! Our new Design Experience unlocks designing for absolutely anyone from almost any device. Try creating your first products today and get inspired in our new Design Lab!

Unwrapping 2024!

Want a sneak peak for the Art of Where that we are leading into next year? 2024 will be a big LAUNCH YEAR! We have oodles of product launches lined up and the products are exciting! We'll be adding some staples but also some more never-seen-on-the-internet wonderful things. We'll be adding clothing as well as further developing our vegan collections and home goods. If you're looking to freshen your product line, 2024 will be the year for it.


A thousand THANK YOUS!

Last but not least, we want to say how much we appreciate you working with us this year. We know we have the best customers on the internet and we are eternally grateful that you chose to work with us. Some of our customers have literally been with us since we started and it doesn't escape our attention. We promise that we will keep working as hard as we can to do justice to your artwork printed products and to support your businesses. You mean the world to Art of Where, you are our world and hear us when we say thank you from the bottom of our colorful, print-obsessed hearts.

by Kate
May 22, 2024