Art of Where & Weddings

by Everly Brownideas
Feb 13, 2019

We've already got a post up all about how you can use print on demand to customize your wedding but there are more ways AOW can help out on the big day! We've got an online store full of fantastic designs by loads of different artists, so you don't have to design the products yourself. Something may jump out at you, or fit perfectly into your theme.

We found this Reddit post by galacticat (Megan) which goes into amazing detail about the trials, tribulations, clothing, supplies etc. that were a part of her DIY wedding. The bridal party wore kimono robes purchased from AOW artist stores while they were getting ready on the big day. We think they look so great so we just had to ask if we could post pictures on our blog!




If you need inspiration, or want to read more about DIY weddings, we definitely suggest spending some time looking at Megan's posts. She also does some pretty impressive cosplay, which you can check out on her Facebook page.