Feature collection week 5: it's out of this world!!!

by Everly Brownweekly feature
Mar 06, 2018

The average person may not be able to visit the international space station, or the moon, or Mars (yet) BUT they can bring a bit of the extraterrestrial into their lives. Check out these awesome designs inspired by what is out there, beyond our atmosphere. This collection is valued at 148$ and we'll be giving it away next week!

Shoot for the Moon spiral notebook by Kimberly Rae Hansen


Celestial Fireworks 18 x 18 pillow case by Earth Moon Stars


Astrobook small notebook by Avery O Design


Space Hooping Kitty 24 x 12 pillow case by Mentalembellisher


Grunge Stars Design large notebook by Artshock


Astrolove 22 x 22 pillow case by Avery O Design


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March 8th, 2018

This week we're featuring our books as they get put together in our dedicated paper department. We do everything from the printing, the cutting, binding, and finishing in house. The papers we use are exceptional quality and sure to impress any paper-lovers out there!

Here come the prints!

Laminating the front covers to get that durable and pleasing leather texture.

It's called a guillotine cutter but it's much safer than it sounds! And does a great job of getting lovely even cuts.

Putting it all together! This is our binding machine which applies an even layer of glue to hold your thoughts for safekeeping.

Our spiral notebooks are 4 layers of awesome! Here you see the covers, filler paper, and the frosted polymer front cover.

Here they are! Ready to be won!