Shopify Sales Channels

by Everly Brownshopify
Oct 11, 2018

Shopify is far more than a stand alone online store. You can connect Shopify to many different sales channels, reaching more people in more places than you may have imagined! Facebook and Instagram are our faves. Read on to learn a bit about them, then go forth and sell!


Facebook now has more than 2 billion users world wide. In 1927 the world population was 2 billion! I doubt people back then could even conceive of being connected somehow to EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE WORLD. It's mind boggling! So set up a Facebook page for your business and add a shop section to take advantage of the amazing interconnectedness of the world. Connect to Shopify and manage your sales from there!



  • People are on their phones and tablets more so than on ye old desk top, and Facebook is mobile friendly from the get go. No need to make sure you're optimized for this or that.
  • You don't have to pay to have a business page.
  • Facebook has great advertising options and analytics.
  • Have a busy week? You can schedule posts. Add your text, photos etc. and choose the date and time you want your post to appear.


Check out the requirements for selling on Instagram, because there's a bunch and then get yourself set up! I spend much of my morning commute scrolling through Instagram and I know I'm not alone. I'm a full time student, part time worker so I'm not shopping as much as some folks but DANG I see things that I want on Insta from my favourite brands all the time!



  • Instagram is a great platform for connecting with customers. By posting stories, IGTV or going live, you can give your fans a glimpse into your artistic process, your life, and your products. It feels much more personal than a web site or Facebook page.
  • Like Facebook, it doesn't cost anything to have an Instagram business account.
  • Hashtags! Follow the hashtags you use so you can see when people have posted about your products, or are posting similar content.
  • If you are tagged in a story, you can add the post to your own stories. Beneficial for both parties!

It seems that there are endless ways to advertise and engage nowadays. What's your favourite way to connect with customers?