Covid-19 Production Updates

by Katedrop ship
Mar 24, 2020

May 17th, 2020
Hello World! We are back in production! We eased back into the studio last week and we're all getting used to following the new directives from the government and health organizations. We're working through the back log and we were already able to ship a tonne of orders that we received back in March when we intially had to close. Thank you for your continued patience and suppport and please contact customer service for updates on your open orders.

May 9th, 2020

We have been preparing all week for our return on May 11th! Here's what we've been doing:

-Cleaning and sanitizing all workstations for staff. The safety of our staff is our number one priority. We're spacing out machines and stations so everyone can work in their own area with proper distancing. We have a stock of PPE for staff and we'll be closely following all CNESST recommendations to preserve health in the workplace.

-Working through the print queue oldest to newest. All orders made during the shutdown will be processed in the order they were received. We will not be starting to process new orders until we can get through the backlog of orders we already have. Once we are open next week, we'll re-evaluate production times and work on giving you estimates for any open orders.

-Coming back strong! As we're seeing a huge shift to online shopping, now is a great time to build your art-based business. We aim to provide you with a solid foundation to do just that, as we did before the shutdown! Our goal includes returning to pre-COVID production times and releasing a new sample program to give you valuable tools to help your product line and sales grow.

-FACE COVERING ARE COMING! We're sure you are as excited about these as we are! Our custom printed fabric face coverings will be made from cotton sateen and feature riveted metal nose piece and filter pocket. We'll keep the price accessible so it's affordable and perfectly priced to add to your store. The release date is an optimistic May 18th!

-Making some adjustments to our product line. Since we have gone through some changes in our physical work area as well as our staffing, we have reconsidered some of the products that we offer. As of now, we will be removing Stretched Canvas prints and device cases from our product line. We know that this is an inconvenience to those of you that buy these products and we're sorry about that. Get in touch so we can help you with this change and please make sure to adjust the products in connected stores.

A MILLION THANK YOUS! We'll say it again. Your support during this time means everything to us. This has been one of our hardest challenges since starting Art of Where. We will continue to be diligent and safe as we define what Art of Where is now. As the world changes, we accept the challenge to change with it and keep providing you with the products that build art-based businesses.



April 30, 2020

Hello everyone! We have mixed news. We have been given the green light to go back to full operations by the Quebec Government on May 11th. While it is 1 week later than anticipated (the original date was May 4th), there is now a solid plan to re-open manufacturing in Quebec on May 11th. We are busy preparing our workplace for the return of all staff on May 11th and we expect to have a robust team in place so we can get out all pending orders as quickly as possible.

We understand that 1 more week of waiting may not be an easy pill to swallow for your customers. If you need to cancel any open orders, we can help you with that. Please get in touch with customer service. For orders that you have already placed, they will be fulfilled in the order received. We expect to release some estimated ship by dates for pending orders by next week.

We are here to help you get through this unexpected but neccessary pause in production. We are committed to resuming operations in a safe and effective manner on May 11th.

April 22, 2020

I'm sure many of you feel like me....We're on a rollercoaster that doesn't seem to stop going up and down. We have been working tirelessly to keep production going but we've reached a point where we need to pause for a week. We're waiting on the Quebec government plan for return to work so we can have enough staff in the workplace to process orders effectively. Everything that is pending in production is priority and we expect to ship orders quickly once we reopen. As of now, our re-open day is still scheduled for May 4th.

  • We must suspend all production on sublimated printed items (cut & sew). This will include all leggings, dresses, skirts, kimonos,
    pencil cases, pillow cases (synthetic fabric), scarves (synthetic fabric), all tote bags, makeup bags, headbands, shorts, underwear, all over print tank tops, beanies, crop tops, device cases and printed fabrics.

- We will also be suspending the production of all paper products including fine art prints, posters, digital prints, canvas prints, wood prints, acrylic prints, stationary cards and notebooks.

- There will still be normal production on all natural fabric items like silk scarves, cotton canvas pillows, cotton linen pillows and wall tapestries. Production times will vary from 5 - 8 business days before shipping. Slower production on wholesale orders.

- Normal production on DTG products including T-shirts, Racerback Tank Tops and Crewneck sweatshirts (2-5 days before shipping) with some slow down on wholesale orders.

We are always here to help with any issues you may have, our customer service is open Monday to Thursday 9-5 EST. Please take care of yourselves and the ones around you during this extraordinary time.

On a happy note, Duvet covers and Bed pillowcases have launched! Along with Tapestries, now is the time to work on your Home Product Line!


April 13, 2020

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are safe and adjusting to your country’s covid-19 response as well as possible at the moment. We'd like to let you know that we are here to listen and help you make adjustments to your art-based business. Get in touch! Our customer service is open Monday to Thursday 9-5 EST.

Our situation in Quebec is cautiously optimistic! While we cannot open at full production April 13th as we originally intended, we will be continuing with production in the following capacities:

**- Normal production on DTG products **(2-5 days before shipping) with some slow down on wholesale orders.

- Normal production on products in natural fabrics (silk scarves, cotton canvas pillows, cotton linen pillows, wall tapestries). Production times will vary from 3-8 business days before shipping. Slower production on wholesale orders.

- Slowed down production on paper products and wood prints. Includes all art prints, notebooks and stationary cards. Allow 4-8 business days before shipping.

- Suspended production wall art including stretched canvases, acrylic prints, and device cases. More updates soon as to when they will resume.

- Minor production on Cut & Sew products. While we are printing all orders, we have minimal sewing capacity at the moment. We’re sewing orders on a case by case basis. If you're in danger of having a customer cancel an order, let us know and we'll try our best to get it shipped.

We're seeing positive outlooks when it comes to businesses reopening in full in Quebec. We'll send further developments as they arise.

March 30, 2020

Hello! We did some minor production on the weekend of Paper products and cut-and-sew items that had already been printed. You'll see these orders packaging over the next couple of days. We're expecting to be able to do another Paper production run later this week.

Natural products and DTG items are still normal production times.

Please note that we are receiving alerts from mail carriers that delivery services may encounter delays due to Covid-19. Please allow for additional delivery time.

Don't forget to stay in touch with your customers! Keep the conversation going as to how long their order will take and why!

We are watching for Government updates that would allow us to return to normal production. As of this moment, it looks like April 13th is still the date for return.


March 25, 2020
Good News! We heard back on our request to maintain minor operations from the Quebec government that we can resume some production! Hurray! This means that we can still fulfill some orders! Here's what we'll be able to do for the time being:

The following products will return to their normal production times

  • DTG orders including Bella t-shirts, Militex tees, and Just Like Hero Crewnecks (1-4 days)
  • Silk Scarves (3-6 days)
  • Cotton Canvas Pillowcases (3-6 days)
  • Cotton Linen Pillowcases(3-6 days)
  • Tapestries (3-6 days)

There may be some minor production on the rest of our products including our full cut-and-sew lines. We'll post more updates as they arise. We're placing priorty on orders that did not ship yet but have been printed. We hope to get those out in the coming week.

March 24, 2020

It's with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of Art of Where. The government of Quebec deems it necessary at this point to close all non-essential businesses to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The closure is set to last until April 13th, 2020.

We have submitted a request to the government to be allowed to operate for a minimum amount of hours and days to maintain some production. If this request is approved, we'll update you!

The Art of Where website will remain online. In the Cart screen, you will see warnings regarding the latest production information and expected delays. We will also be disabling automatic payments on all integrations so as not to allow orders through without properly notifying you of the delays. Our production page will be kept updated and our customer service will be available via email and phone Monday-Thursday, 9-5 EST.

If you do place orders during the shutdown, they will be processed in the order of oldest to newest once we are open again.

It's important to pass on production updates to your customers! Since the ENTIRE world is adjusting to this situation as it develops, most people are very understanding! They just like to be kept in the loop.


I personally have almost broken down multiple times over the amount of love and warm wishes our artists, customers, and fellow business owners have sent during this time. Coming into work each day right now is hard and you make the struggles worth it!!! Seriously!

We love what we do at Art of Where and we'll keep doing our very best for you.

New Product Releases! We have decided to go ahead with our planned product releases. This way, you'll be able to try designing these new products and building your product line during the shutdown. The new products to be released over the next 3 weeks are:
-Wall Tapestries (already up!)
-Duvet Covers in 100% cotton sateen in 4 sizes!
-Bed Pillows in 2 styles (sleeve & sham) in 100% cotton sateen

Can you spot the theme? It's all about loving your home! Watch for our newsletters as we release them!


This shutdown is unprecedented. We know how important your businesses are to you and you are at the forefront of our thoughts right now. Stay safe and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get throught this time.

March 13, 2020

In the wake of all the present uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus COVID-19, we wanted to bring a little bit of peace and reassurance. While we are fully understanding of our employees who are feeling ill, and we are taking precautions to keep our staff safe and healthy, we will be continuing with manufacturing as usual and allowing our employees to continue working. This means that your orders will still be completed and shipped as usual! We do ask for a level of grace, however, as there may be a slight delay in receiving orders should our staff require time off for sick leave. As of yet our facilities are continuing to run at capacity as normal, and be assured that you will all be the first to know should that change at any point in the future.

by Kate
Jun 15, 2024