Our new peignoirs are AMAZING!

by Everly Brownpeignoirs
Jan 15, 2018

We introduced our long kimonos, dubbed peignoirs, near the end of 2017 and we’re so excited for everyone who has been playing around in the lab and perfecting their designs for 2018! The kimono trend is still going strong and even if you don’t see your fave celeb sporting one while getting their iced coffee this spring, you can depend on the peignoir to always have appeal.

If you’re into the holidays, you already know how easy it is to customize our products for any occasion! A peignoir can be the gothic robe you wear to your Halloween seance, it can be the beautiful floral kimono you greet your Valentine’s Day sweetheart in, or it can be the super cute beach cover-up you throw in your bag when heading out for spring break. The peignoir may just be our most versatile piece of clothing yet! See what our artists have come up with:




When it comes to customers, you can target a specific market, like brides-to-be. Those of you who have amazing graphic design skills can easily offer custom products that fit into any wedding theme! Who wouldn’t want to drink a little bubbly while getting ready for the wedding in a gorgeous monogrammed robe, or sip tasty mimosas at a bridesmaids brunch? More into conventions? Anime? Sci-fi? Pop your fan art on on a peachskin peignoir so that even when lounging at home your customer’s geek pride can shine! Order wholesale so you can stock your booth at the next con.




Our peignoirs can be ordered in either our sheer chiffon fabric or our opaque peachskin fabric. You can design with the chiffon in mind and only offer your customers that option, or if you feel you’ve created something that works in either, you can give your customer the final choice!

Have you designed an awesome peignoir? Show us in the comments!