Feature Collection 14: Super Sweet!

by Anne Brownweekly feature
Nov 28, 2018

For our latest giveaway we are giving in to the holiday season sweet tooth! This tasty collection has a total value of 104$. You could get almost 100 donuts at Tim's with 104$!!! We'll be giving away this collection via Facebook or Instagram so make sure to follow us for your chance to win.

Donut pillow case by Masha Vdovichenko
Double sided, 22 x 22 inches, velveteen.


Donut tank top by Amauna Boutique
Size XS, long style grey back.


I Just Donut Care pencil case by Inviting Press


Blue Sprinkle Donut Boyshorts by Candy & Stardust Shop
Size medium.


We (and Keanu Reeves) might be partial to donuts, but maybe you have another favourite? Let us know in the comments!