Creating a Custom Label

by Everly Brownbranding
Jan 30, 2018

At Art of Where we know how important your brand is to you, which is why we offer multiple custom branding options! You can design your own label for clothing, pillow cases, beanies, day totes and headbands*. You can design an artist card to go in each package we ship for you, and each package can have a custom sticker on the outside so your brand is front and center. We're going to go through the whole process of creating a custom label, so if this is new to you or something you've been struggling with, read on!

Download or Create a Template

When you click on Custom Label on the left side menu in your account, you will see a page including the design guidelines, a Photoshop template which you can download, an area to upload your design and a drop down menu to choose how you would like labels to be added to orders.


If you use Photoshop, download the available .psd template. If you don't, you can make your own 240 x 450 pixel template in the image editing program of your choice. We're going to go through designing the label in Photoshop here, but the basics are the same if you use another program, such as GIMP.

Open the template in Photoshop:


Create or add the design you want to use for your label:


Remove the layer showing the sewing area, fold line and sides:


Save the file as a jpeg (150 dpi) and go back to Art of Where to upload it into your account:




Select how you would like your label added to orders from the drop down menu next to the label preview and save:


That's it! Not too complicated, right? Any time you want to change your label, you can, just keep in mind that any orders in production when you upload a new label may have the new label added, not the one that was in your account at the time you placed the order.

*If you don't upload a custom label, clothing, beanies, day totes and headbands will have an AOW label sewn in. Pillow cases will have no label. All apparel includes a size label. Apparel and pillow cases also have a content label sewn in.