5 ways to boost your business!

by Everly Brownideas
Jan 24, 2018

  1. Take advantage of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Both can help you reach a wider audience and offer marketing tools (some are paid services). You can easily have your followers help you out with promotion by offering a discount or free product to one lucky person who shares your page. Social-media-1
  2. Have business cards. It may sound silly in this day and age but not everyone will whip out their phone to bookmark your website or like your Facebook page. At Art of Where we get people stopping by, checking out what we do and asking for a business card at least a few times a day! You can also leave your business cards at local businesses where maybe they don’t sell your product, but they serve clientele who would likely love your stuff! businesscardinwallet
  3. Look for local events, such as holiday or seasonal sales, sidewalk sales, summer festivals, concerts and so on, where you could have a table, sell your products and hand out business cards.marketplace-2
  4. Have photos or videos of your products in action! People ordering clothing online can’t try on, so the second best thing is photos or videos of people wearing the product. You can also encourage your customers to share how they styled your product, in reviews or on social media. kimonocollage-1
  5. Keep in touch with your customers through newsletters and social media. We really love to see what our customers are up to, how they design, what tools they use etc. We’re sure your customers would also love to see your process! It’s good to share what’s new, what’s been happening and what’s coming up! newslettergraphic

What are the best ways you've found to boost your sales? Post in the comments below!