Create a Custom Artist Card and Sticker

by Everly Brownbranding
Feb 20, 2018

Put your brand front and centre with your custom sticker on the outside of the package your customer receives, and a beautiful custom artist card inside!


Your custom artist card file and sticker file must be 1500 x 900 pixels at 150 dpi. You can create your own template in the image editing program of your choice and design away! We have seen some amazing artist cards! There are artists that use it as a business card, including web site and contact info. We have some customers that add promotions on the cards, such as coupon codes for their online store. When it comes to stickers, a lot of our customers go for impact and have great bold designs that will stand out on their customer's package.



Once you have your artwork ready to go, you can upload it into your account and choose how you would like the card or sticker added to your orders.


You can change your artist card and sticker whenever you want! Any open orders you have will include the artist card and sticker that was in your account when the order was placed.


Adding an artist card into your packages is $1 per card and stickers are currently free of charge!

What do you put on your artist card? Are there other custom options you'd love for us to offer? Let us know in the comments!