Art of Where is getting a New Look!

by Katedrop ship
Feb 09, 2021

We are taking on a fresh new look for Art of Where in 2021! Since our product catalog has been growing these last couple of years, we're making it easier to find the products that you're looking for. You'll be able to navigate product pages easier and we're also overhauling our navigation at the top!

One of the major changes? The Artist Shop will now be referred to as the Marketplace! Our Help center is being given a more prominent place in the navigation as well so you can find the answers you need to your questions quicker.

Maybe you're like me and don't like change?! Don't panic! We're not changing anything about the account section or dashboard yet. All functionality for placing drop ship orders and orders via integrations is that same as it has been.


Need help with the new look? Our customer service agents are ready to help you find your way.

by Kate
Apr 14, 2024