Reduced Canadian Shipping Rates!

by Katedrop ship
Feb 28, 2020

Who here loves surprises?! Surprises can be fun and amazing and can add a lot of joy to your life! I’m obviously talking about GOOD surprises here. But there’s another kind of surprise, and it’s one nobody likes: BAD surprises.

Like SURPRISE! Someone slashed your tires while you were in the grocery store. Or SURPRISE! Your flight got delayed. Or SURPRISE! That avocado that was perfect yesterday is completely rotten today and you just wasted $5. Another surprise nobody likes is the classic shipping surprise. We’ve all be there: you find something online that you love and it’s totally in your budget - or at least you’ve made it fit your budget, or your budget fit IT. You go through the whole process of filling out your shipping and billing details, you’re about to press that final “complete order” button, only to see that your total has doubled due to shipping prices. That is a BAD surprise, and one that, here in Canada, we’re all to familiar with. Shipping prices in Canada - much like the cost of flying and cellphone plans - is extortionate. Being the second biggest country in the world with one of the lowest population densities comes with a few disadvantages.


In an attempt to make shipping options more accessible to all of you, like adding express carriers, we recently changed the shipping process on our website. The downside of this accessibility was that some shipping prices increased to reflect the real cost of shipping. Though the majority of you probably didn’t feel any negative impact from this change, we know that some of you did, especially those shipping to western and remote parts of Canada. Well now we have a GOOD surprise for you: not anymore! We’re heard your feedback and we’ve taken action to rectify the situation.

Going forward, tracked Canadian shipping on any package weighing up to 485g (17.1 oz), regardless of the number of items in the package, has a maximum shipping cost of $10. This price will remain the same for you regardless of the ACTUAL shipping price charged by Canada post. This means that no matter whether you’re shipping to the maritimes, the west coast, or the territories, so long as your package remains within the 485g threshold your shipping cost will not exceed $10. That sounds like a good surprise, if you ask me!


To add a little sprinkle on top, we’re currently working on offering an untracked shipping option that keeps single item packages at or below $5! This untracked shipping option, along with more custom packaging options, will be coming soon, but we’re still in the process of working out the finer details.

by Kate
Jun 15, 2024