Options to Help You Manage your eCommerce Store listings while Cotton Sateen Face Covering Production is Temporarily Suspended

by Kateintegrations
Nov 26, 2020

We have suspended production temporarily on cotton sateen face coverings due to an issue with our printing equipment. In place of the cotton sateen fabric, we have created a face covering in new Microtwill polyester fabric. We know some of you specifically offer cotton sateen because it is a natural fabric so a substitute fabric may not suit your brand. Below we suggest 3 ways to manage your cotton sateen face covering listings until we can resume production on them.

We will be able to offer an expected production resumption date on December 1st only, at which time we will update this Blog.

If your orders are set to process automatically, you will receive an email when your first order of cotton sateen face coverings happens after the suspension goes live (November 26th). You will need to take action to either edit your listings or suspend your own listings. Alternatively, you could take action before you receive your next order.


1). Change your listings to reflect our new Microtwill Face Covering and connect your listing to this new product option.
At the bottom of this blog we have provided a description of our new Microtwill Face Covering designed to act as a stand-in for the cotton sateen for the time being. The face covering is the same design, just made in this new fabric. This fabric option will remain on Art of Where after the suspension is over so you can choose to keep it in your store even after the cotton sateen option returns.

If you decide to offer the microtwill option, make sure to update your listings to reflect that the fabric is polyester fabric and not cotton.

If your orders are automated, when you receive your next order after the suspension goes live, we will email you. Your order will not be automatically processed. You will need to connect the listing to the new microtwill fabric option. Once done, the listing will remain connected for future orders.

You will not need to redesign any products. The microtwill fabric is an option on the already designed face covering product.

2). Suspend cotton sateen face covering sales on your eCommerce store.
We know some of you sell the cotton sateen face covering since it's a natural fabric and replacing it with a polyester fabric is simply not an option. In this case, it would be necessary to suspend your cotton sateen face covering listings until we are producing again. Alternatively, you could try the next option.

3). Still allow purchases of cotton sateen face coverings on your store but inform your customers BEFORE they order that there is a temporary delay and the shipping date is not yet confirmed before they make a purchase.
This option is a bit tricky. Some people may order thinking that the delay is short and still expect the product by a certain date. It's not the option we recommend since it can take more time to provide the necessary customer service and can still lead to unhappy customers. However, if you can inform your customer appropriately and they really don't mind waiting, then it could work for you! If you choose this option, make sure to be on our general newsletter list to receive production updates as soon as they are released.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for editing your store listings. We sincerely apologize for this suspension. We know that when we suspend a product on our end, it affects you and your business. We are working with the best people possible to resume production on cotton sateen as soon as possible.

We have created a new email address for concerns related to this suspension. Please email [email protected] instead of our usual contact email.


A Description for Microtwill Face Coverings
Cut and paste this description into your store listings, or build from it to make your own.

Microtwill face coverings are a comfortable way to cover-up! Featuring a semi-sturctured bias cut fabric to allow for movement, microtwill face coverings can be worn for long periods of time comfortably. The metal nose piece can be adjusted to fit your face shape and fabric ties can be adjusted to your ideal fit. Easy to care for, both the outside and inside are printed to make your face covering extra unique.

-Made from 100% polyester microtwill
-Naturally wicks moisture away and is quickdry
-Composed of 2 layers of fabric with inner filter pocket
-Stainless steel adjustable nose piece and soft fabric ear ties
-Printed with permanent inks that won’t washout or fade away


by Kate
Apr 14, 2024