Feature Collection 10: Sometimes bold is best!

by Everly Brownweekly feature
Jul 25, 2018

Intricate, dainty patterns are great but in summer, why not go for bright and bold?

Check out these 4 fantastic origami totes from our Artist shops and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn how to win this collection, valued at 156$.

Circulos Multicolor by Eliso Ignacio Silva Simancas
Comes with a 33 inch navy blue strap.


Dove Forgiven Origami Tote by Erica Hackett
Comes with an 18 inch brown strap.


Bold and Colorful Hearts of Color Origami Tote by Crissy Anderson
Comes with an 18 inch navy blue strap.


Butterfly Origami Bag by Hairpik
Comes with a 33 inch black strap.


Our origami totes can be used as a traditional bag, as a unique way to package gifts, or use it for an all-in-one picnic! You can carry all of your goodies in the bag, and then slip the strap off to use the gorgeous square of fabric to lay out your spread.

This giveaway will include all the different strap colours and length options. You'll be able to test them out and see which works for you. Read more about our origami totes, and design your own.

To see how to use your origami tote in a few different ways, check out this video:

Here are the finished products!