Coco Bee x AOW

by Everly Brownguest post
Jul 22, 2019

We are super excited to bring you a guest post by artist Coco Bee. We hope you find her as inspiring as we do!

Watercolor Dreams to Wearable Art

I am interested in the therapeutic relationship between art creation and the mind. My philosophy for painting is more about the process than the results. I see the paint brush as a tool for self-expression and the paints as living, breathing entities. I think of form, colours, and gestures, as a pathway to communicate from our subconscious what can not be said through words. It is in this space that I believe we can begin important, often hard, dialogues with ourselves and others. It is through this space that I believe we can bring about healing and let our authenticity shine through.



My process of creation always begins with colours. I let the painting blossom on its own. I concurrently film the process, trying to capture the life and story as it naturally unfolds. The ethereal nature of watercolors always feels more fossilized when it dries. I then scan the painting into photoshop to create a digital image making sure the quality is high enough for AOW’s design guideline. Their software is very intuitive and helpful to use. Despite having no background in fashion nor pattern design, I am now able to create clothing pieces that I would love to see from dresses, pants to pillowcases. The pieces are then printed, cut and sew, in Montreal, Canada. Through this collaborative effort, what began only as an idea fruitions into life.



I am excited to release my first collection for this summer. Besides the practical functionality of clothing, I believe clothing to be an extension of ourselves and our stories. Clothes travel with us throughout our lives, collecting memories, experiences, adventures. Clothes can also be conversation starters. My hope is for my artwork can be that starter for you. I hope it can be a celebration of you embracing all your colours. Of how unique and brave you are for letting yourself shine through. For empowering yourself by taking up the challenge of express yourself. My hope above all is that my clothing is an extension of your beauty and make you feel beautiful for who you already are.



Check out Coco Bee's web site, Instagram and Youtube channel for more gorgeous art!