BigCommerce Basics

by Everly Brownintegrations
Aug 13, 2018

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that is easily customizable, with great analytics, multiple sales channels, integration with various point of sale systems and 24/7 support!

The Price

BigCommerce has plans starting at 29.95 USD a month and you can start with a 15 day free trial, no credit card required. Whether you're just starting your business or you're interested in migrating your established & successful store, there is plan that will work for you. There are many free and paid apps for marketing, customer service, payment solutions and more, to help you run your business exactly as you want to.


Like most ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce has a small selection of free themes, and many more to choose from if you would like to invest. Their theme store is well organized, with menus including industry and collections, so you can search by things like catalog size or layout. If you are a developer or are working with one, you can take theme customization even further.

Adding Products

Once you've set up your shop and connected your BigCommerce account to Art of Where, adding your products to BigCommerce is very simple. You can add them directly from your AOW dashboard.

Click on the blue plus sign icon at the bottom right:


Choose your product and select add to BigCommerce:


The page will reload to show your synced product:


After adding your product to your BigCommerce store, go to your account to edit your listing. Login to your BigCommerce dashboard and select products from the left side menu. You’ll then see a list of your products.



When you’ve clicked on the name of the product you want to edit, you’ll see a summary of the product, and a menu above for images, inventory and so on. You can edit as you see fit.


Neat Features

  • Even the basic plan has great tools, like the ability to creat gift cards and coupon codes.
  • The dashboard is clean looking and easy to navigate.
  • They do not charge transaction fees when you use a third party payment solution

Check out these stores for inspiration:




Happy selling! If you have any BigCommerce tips, please post them in the comments below. If you have any questions, check out our guide or contact us!