Feature Collection 6: Bright things for Spring!

by Everly Brown
Mar 20, 2018

Because we're working on so many new things right now, we're going to shift to bi-weekly feature collections and giveaways. This week we're featuring our latest addition to the phone case family, the Iphone X case, which we offer in slim or tough models. This collection has a total value of 195$ and we'll be giving it away next week!

Modern Sylish Triangles Squares Polygon Patter by LC Graphic Design Studio


YF8 by Watson Art Centre


iPhoneX : Cube Edition by Fashionista en Cavale


Purple Drip by Maggie Pop


Patchwork Pixels by Prawny


Pineapple Wild and Sweet by Maria Fernandes


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March 22nd 2018

Check out these pics of phone cases before they go into the sublimation vacuum oven and after they come out!




They're ready!

March 26th
The winner get's announced today! Checkout how they turned out! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and like to be entered to win the entire collection!